I'm Back!!!

My Gmail account has been unbanned so i can finally log back into my account.

TomTom has free HD Traffic online.

TomTom has finally added a new service that will allow Navigation via the browser. the catch is its only available in Europe and south Africa.

Hulu just renewed contracts with networks.

Hulu just renewed its contract with major TV Networks.

Beware of a virus on Twitter called 'Tweet Viewer'

Tweet Viewer is a malicious virus spreading like wildfire on twitter.

CNN Android App.

CNN Has finally released there Android Application, to be up-to-date on news 24/7.

Beats By Dr. Dre Studio REVIEW.

Twitter: Facebook App: Facebook Page: I reviewed the Beats by Dr Dre ...

[REAL] Beats by Dr Dre Studio Unboxing.

I Unbox the Beats by Dr Dre Studio's. Beats by Dr Dre Studio Unboxing. Beats by Dr Dre Studio Unboxing. Beats by Dr Dre Studio Unboxing. Beats by Dr Dre ...

Skype reveals Android security risk.

Skype reveals android security risk.

RandTxt: Text random people.

With RandTxt you can now text random people, it's like chatroulette but for cellphones. website:

GeoHot settles with Sony.

George Hotz's long battle against Sony has finally come to an end.

PCmover Demo & Review.

With PCmover you can transfer your Programs, Files And Settings from your old PC to your new PC without loosing your settings in a specific application.

Cisco stops Flip Video Camera Production.

Cisco has just pulled the plug on the Flip cameras.

7 Million Facebook Likes in 7 Hours.

A soccer player created a a facebook page and 7 hours later got 7 million likes.

Foxconn opening Manufacturing plant in Brazil just for Apple.

Foxconn might be opening a new manufacturing plant in Brazil just for Apple.

Facetime Security Hole.

Facetime has a security hole in which it shows cached screencaps of previous facetime chats during other facetime calls.

In 2000 Google wanted Steve Jobs to be the CEO.

In 2000, When google was just starting to be popular, the founders wanted Steve Jobs to be the CEO, but got Eric Schmidt instead.

Stop using Internet Explorer 6.

Microsoft wants people to stop using IE6.

Safari adds 'Do Not Track' Feature.

Apple finally implemented the 'Do Not Track' feature to Safari.

AT&T loophole allows Unlimited Data Plan for iPhones.

Their is a loophole in AT&T's contract that allows users who had an iphone before june to get unlimited data plan again.

Anonymous takes down PSN Servers.

Anonymous has taken down the PSN servers leaving 70 million people without being able to connect, just days after Sony lifted their lawsuit against famous ps3 ...

Beats by Dr. Dre Studio Sound Leakage.

Testing the sound leakage on the Beats by Dr Dre Studio headphones purchased at Best Buy.

Winklevoss' take Facebook to Supreme Court.

Once again the Winklevoss' have tried to sue Facebook, this time taking them to the Supreme Court.

360 Degree camera for iPhone and iPod Touch.

You can now take panoramic videos and pictures with a 360 degree camera on the iphone and ipod touch 4G. Link to the video: ...

MTV CEO Steps down.

The CEO of MTV Has stepped down and will not be replaced.

Who owns the most Apple Shares?

Find out who owns the most Apple shares (other then people working for Apple).

iHub USB Hub is getting shipped.

people who ordered the iHub are now receiving it. pictures:

The 7th Generation iPod Nano will have a Camera.

Recent leaks show that the ipod nano 7th generation will have a camera and keep the same form factor. Picture: ...

Apple lends iPhone 4 with A5 processor to companies.

Apparently Apple has been lending out iPhone 4's to companies with an A5 processor to start building some apps to utilize the A5 chip before the launch of the ...

Facebook Aquires Snaptu.

Facebook acquired Snaptu for $70 Million.

2011 Macbook Pro's Freezing?

Some people have said that their 2011 MBP has been crashing and freezing under load, from my tests everythings working fine.

Hackers Hacked 70 million PSN Accounts.

Sony has just published a press release saying that last week they were hacked and hackers got the username, email, password to 70 million Sony Users ...

Blue Yeti Microphone Audio test.

In this video i show you the sample audio from all the 4 patterns on the Blue Yeti Mic.

Youtube Partner Benefits.

In this video i show you the extra features Youtube Partners receive.

How did Osama Bin Laden e-mail people?

Find out how Osama Bin Laden e-mailed people for years without being tracked.

The iPhone 4 White is already being sold in Germany.

Germans are already being able to purchase the White iPhone 4, Pictures: ...

Twitter now supports HTTPS.

Twitter finally added support for HTTPS.

The slowest firefox addons.

The top 8 firefox addons which will make your browser slower.

Apple's Cloud Music Service ready to launch.

Apple's Cloud based music streaming service is nearly complete.

Apple doesn't know how to make good Wires.

Apple has always failed epically when it comes to producing efficient wires that dont rip. The picture:

No Tech Related Videos today.

I'm not doing videos today due to today being april fools day and all the tech news is hard to distinguish.

Firefox 4 Coming out March 22nd.

As-long as no major bugs arise Firefox 4 is scheduled to be released on March 22nd.

FBI tracking device torn apart.

iFixit has tore down an FBI tracking device revealing that the FBI uses 10 year old technology. Watch the teardown: ...

Leaf identifier for iOS.

LeafSnap is now available in the iOS App Store.

Don't worry, Google also tracks people!

This week Apple has been in the news a lot about tracking iphone users locations, well apply, you're not alone, Google also tracks nearby wi-fi hotsposts.

Internet Companies Vs. France.

Internet Companies such as Google an eBay have filed a complaint against France.

My Videos in the "Movies" Category?!?!?!!?

My latest video got glitched and went into the Movies category, and now i can't even change it. link to the video:

Mark Zuckerberg's dog has a facebook page.

Mark Zuckerberg and his Girlfriend setup their dog a facebook page.

iPod Touch 5th Gen LEAKED.

Some guy leaked pictures of what is supposedly the iPod Touch 5th Generation (5G). Link to the pictures: ...

Google acquires BeatThatQuote for $61.5 Million.

Google acquired BeatThatQuote for $61.5 Million.

No more IPv4 Addresses available in Asia.

All IPv4 addresses have been allocated now in all parts of the world.